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    Citizens Committee for New York City - Supporting self-help and civic action to improve the quality of life in the city and its neighborhoods. Includes bulletin boards and links to resources including training and grants.
    City Chat: New York - Active forum for discussion of topics related to the city.
    Disaster Assistance Response Team - The purpose of this New York City program is to share its history and encourage others to volunteer to assist victims of disasters.
    Echo - Online community.
    Eye Gazing Parties - Rapid dating scene with two minutes of eye contact and no talking before swapping to next date. Includes FAQ and profile of founder. - Features map and photos, submitted by the public, of recyclable and reusable items found awaiting trash pick-up on New York City streets. Includes weblog and instructions for posting sightings from mobile phones.
    Jack Kerouac's New York - A database of places in the city where the beat writer lived, roamed or drank.
    The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum - A Blog dedicated to all the absurd and annoying things New York City hipsters do, say, wear, and probably, think.
    NYCabbie - See the sights of New York City through the eyes of New York City Cab drivers: over 70 photographs. Also tourist tips, taxi stories from around the world, and free advice service. - The ultimate web experience for New York City parents. Search for information on all types of parenting resources, and fun, family activities.
    Public Housing Spotlight on NYCHA - Discusses issues seen that need to be addressed within the New York City Housing Authority, as well as explains its rules and regulations. Page includes online newsletters and links to related magazines.
    Tenant Net - Information, advice and advocacy for NYC residential tenants. Covers city and state landlord-tenant law and rights, social justice concerns, current issues, rent controls, and tenant associations. Includes forums, historical materials, and other resources.

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